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Hawai'i Delegates for 2017 National ENA Assembly

Posted over 1 year ago by Steven Hobbs

The national Assembly meeting for ENA will be held the week of Sept. 10th, 2017 in Saint Louis, MO.  The Hawai'i State Council should be slated for about 5 delegates/Alternates. As noted in Article VIII of the Bylays, Hawai'i uses a point system to select delegates to the convention. Delegates will receive a partial stipend (amount to be determined) following their fullment of the delegate role. 

If you would like to be considered for selection as a delegate representing Hawai'i please send an e-mail indicating such and briefly outlining your activities with ENA for the past two years to:  ponani@hawaii.rr.com. This must be received before June 10, 2017.  The State Council Board will then review and select delegates as called for in our Bylaws. These bylaws are posted elsewhere on the website, see control panel at left.