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Happy Holidays

Posted about 2 years ago by Steven Hobbs

It is difficult to believe that a year has past since I again became President of the Hawai'i State Council. As is most often the case with many resolutions, not everything we wanted to do actually came to fruit. So, this year I have a single resolution. To be a better President in 2017 then I was in 2016.  That, I can do. 

Emergency Nursing, and in particular Trauma Care, in Hawai'i is improving day by day. We are making a difference even if we are seeing more with less resources. What will your resolutions be for 2017 relating to emergency nursing. Are you CEN or TCRN? Why not? Resolve to make it happen. Due to renew TNCC or ENPC? Help us make that happen for you. How about attending the General/Scientific Assembly this coming Fall? Get involved and make that happen now.