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Congratulations to Hawai'i State Council ENA Delegates for 2016

Posted over 2 years ago by Steven Hobbs

Congratulations to the 2016 slate of Hawai'i delegates to the 2016 National Emergency Nurses Association meeting in Los Angelas.  As per our state bylaws, delegates are selected via a point system from individuals who have expressed an interest to attend. The expectation is that delegates must attend ALL appropriate official functions at the General Assembly in order to request partial reimbursement of expenses (amount yet to be determined).

This year's delegates are: 
 Anzelon Kathleen M     Delegate     09/13/2016     09/14/2016     Honolulu     HI
 Hobbs Steven D     Delegate     09/13/2016     09/14/2016     Kaneohe     HI
 Newbould Kyla J     Delegate     09/13/2016     09/14/2016     Ewa Beach     HI
 Petersen Carlene C.     Delegate     09/13/2016     09/14/2016     Ewa Beach     HI
Alternate Delegate: West Pamela F     Alt. Delegate     09/13/2016     09/14/2016     Pearl City     HI