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Posted over 2 years ago by Steven Hobbs

Hello, I am contacting you as the current President of the Hawai'i State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association.  In looking over who has joined the state council website I note that you are listed as a "non-member."  

So, this brings the thought to my mind "Why are you not a member?"  If you are a member of the national ENA, you are also a state council member and should be listed as such.  Let me know and we'll correct that.  If you are an Emergecy Nurses and not a member of ENA, can I ask you to consider why not?  This is your profesional organization. It has a lot to offer you (JEN, class discounts, Newsletter, national and local meetings). You have a lot to offer us! We need your input as to what is important in our care of Emergency patients and how we has nurses can positively influence that care.  You can make a hugh difference, your voice can be heard.  

Please consider joining ENA.  If not, at least send me a response and let me know why not.  

Steven D. Hobbs Ph.D., R.N., BC, CEN, CCRN  



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